Wednesday, September 7, 2011

{ Terrific Tuesday! parliament & cute kids }

Tuesday was incredible! 
{As is every day in India!}
The previous evening we had returned from Vrindavan so we were all tired.
And our poor Katie was not feeling well.
And the other intern Chris was sick too! 
Crazy, right? 
But regardless, Anita, Ame en, Sarah, and I headed off to visit parliament!

It was so rainy outside! Gotta love monsoon season!
We were all crammed in an auto together so Anita and I, sitting on the edges, were soaked!

proof we were soaked - good day to wear a "white" kurta right? haha
Parliament was interesting. We had to go through numerous security checkpoints - we couldn't bring in anything. No camera or wallet. When we finally were able to enter parliament, we only sat in the session for about 10 minutes before it was adjourned. The entire time, everyone was yelling at each other and the Chairman couldn't really get things under control. It was very chaotic! What an experience! Much different from American congress - I've sat through various sessions and never seen anything like that! 

The best thing about parliament - the food! Super cheap and yummy. Upma (kind of like couscous) - my new favorite.

haha I love this photo!

Love these girls!
Then Tuesday afternoon, we had the annual TEACHER'S DAY celebration!
Have I mentioned I love little kids?? 
Sooo cute! 
The little kids are the most humble, loving, sweet spirits I have ever met!
Love has no boundaries - I experience this over and over here in India. 
Their love is perfect.
Happy Teacher's Day General, Winnie Ma'am, Jolly Sir, and Sonal Didi! 
You guys are amazing!

They gave the General a special present :)

and Winnie Ma'am got a present too! 

A lot of the younger girls recited little poems for us :) in Hindi. Adorable.  

And then they performed little dances for us in groups to Hindi & Bollywood songs! 

Sarah's favorite little girl!

Not the best picture of me this little girl followed me around everywhere - so cute!

Love these girls!

And then the dance party begins!!!

A favorite :)

And on the way home, we picked up a special treat for our dear, sick Katie.

For 20 rupees - or less than 50 cents. 
We love it when we find American-like foods :) Makes us feel a little closer to home!

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  1. sound like u having a good time ... thanks for the post and all the pic. keep up the good work