Tuesday, September 27, 2011

{ Bacha day! Girls just wanna have fun!!! }

Last Thursday, September 22, we threw a "Happy Bacha!" party for Laxmii-ji.
My surrogate mother. 
{she braided my hair for me this morning :))}
We love her like no other!!!
It was a BLAST! 
She was so surprised! 
We bought her an amazing chocolate truffle cake from Bread & more in GK. It read "Happy Badsha!" (meant to say Bacha! haha) with beautiful pink and blue flowers. 
Random - here, it is illegal to know the sex of the baby before they are born (some people will try to get an abortion if it's a girl). 
Geeta and Himanshu, Laxmi's beautiful children, joined us.
As well as her adorable like 17 year old sister-in-law (or rather, her auntie).
We first opened presents! We gave Himanshu and Geeta some coloring books with colored pencils and a bottle of bubbles. We gave Laxmi a cute Elephant number puzzle for the baby - as well as some diapers! Here, they don't really have money for diapers so unless they are given to them, they just use cloth diapers and clean them - we are so spoiled in the states!
They all loved the presents! 
Laxmi was teary-eyed.
We tried to keep everything simple so as not to overwhelm her. 

After some cake, Laxmi insisted on doing the dishes - silly woman! It was her party! But she says, "go play!!" and even when I tried to tell her that baby wanted to go play too, she resisted. 
So, we went and played with highly energetic Geeta and oh-so-shy Himanshu. So fun! They loved the balloons!
After dishes, we turned on photo booth and took a cute video of all of us dancing around and playing with the balloons to the song "Girls just wanna have fun!" It is adorable. I'll have to post it sometime :) 
Laxmi and her auntie sat and watched us with little girlish grins on their faces.
I think they secretly were partying in their hearts!
One of the best moments was when Sarah and I put balloons up our shirts to pretend to be pregnant. Laxmi was laughing so hard! And then, Geeta tried to do it too! Her balloon was too big so I had to help her get a smaller one. 
We made her dance around with us, took some photos, and were just crazy!
Laxmi was smiling ear-to-ear all night!
The best part of the evening was when Laxmi was putting all of her stuff together to take home and she says, "I'm going to miss you all when you leave...Miss you...Love you." We always tell her "Love you momma! Miss you!" when we leave the house in the morning but this is the first time she told us that she loves us. It was so sincere and sweet. 
We love our Laxmi and can't wait to meet her beautiful new child! 
Laxmi is one of the most incredible, strong-willed, genuine, trustworthy women I know!

Happy family! 

Adorable Geeta.

This is my FAVORITE photo of Geeta! Look at that smile! Heartbreaker.

We bought Laxmi pretty flowers too. 

hahahaha. Oh Geeta...

Our Laxmi...I look legit, right?

Our cute, shy Himanshu.

too cute.

Beautiful Laxmi!!



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