Thursday, September 22, 2011

{ Day at the markets! }

Since our arrival here in the beautiful city of Delhi, we have been to SO many markets! And as much as I didn't like shopping before, I quite like it now! It's almost fun when you get to bargain and it's easy to find lots of great deals!
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My favorite thing to do is go to a market, shop around for a bit (i.e. bask in the heat and humidity), and then cool down in a little coffee shop with some blasting AC and a chocolate shake or a smoothie! And it's always better with some good company!

Here are some fun photos from some of our market adventures!

Sarojini Nagar
One of my absolute favorites!
I bought a dozen scarfs at 50 rupees each ($1.09 each)!
What a great way to quickly build my scarf collection!

This is common to see in the middle of the walkways at the markets - a man selling fruits or flowers or just about anything.

GK (Greater Kalish) Market
Block M and Block N
Another one of my favorites.
A little more upper class, nice cafes, Bread and more!, etc. It's fairly clean as well. Not very cheap though.

Chillin' in an auto with Meli and Eva-ji :) So fun!

Sector 8 Market - very local and very cheap.

Chandni Chowk/Old Delhi
The shopping is insane here in this 300 year old market!

Shopping for sarees - this is an adventure in and of itself!

South Extension

A random park in the middle of the shopping center!
The Sector 12 market - our local market!
Small and simple but it's on the way home from work and it's convenient :)

The Vasant (Kunj) Square Mall
It's still quite new and developing...there are lots of empty storefronts.

Beautiful Gardens!
Vasant Vihar
Another local center with great shopping!
Puma, the Priya PVR Cinema, Nike, etc.

The Priya PVR theatre

As I said...always better in good company! A stop at a local café in Vasant Vihar for some chilled drinks!

Janpath Market
and Connaught Place

These cute girls from a local college stopped me to do a survey at Janpath.
They asked me what I liked about the market, what I didn't like, etc.
They were so cute!

Dilli Haat
a local market, very nice, that is specifically geared towards tourists. It costs Rs. 20 (50 cents) for adults to enter and Rs. 10 (22 cents) for children. It's very clean and the vendors aren't as pushy! Most of the products are from Northern India and the mountainous Himalayan regions (Sikkim, Kashmir, etc.) And they have lots of fun little food places (and momos, our new favorite!). 

Vrindavan old market

Common street side seller - beware of flies!

A common roadside vendor
Kasauli Pine Mall
A beautiful, quaint little strip mall in the Himalayas in Kasauli. The sellers are not nearly as pushy and it has such a beautiful ambiance!

It's traditionally a Tibetan market. We saw this beautiful Tibetan lady sewing all of these incredible baby booties in preparation for the winter! Being in Kasauli reminds me so much of Utah and home. 

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