Monday, September 12, 2011

{ BOLLYWOOD - night at the movies! }

Mere brother ki dhulan.
Like the best movie everrr!
We had our first Bollywood experience last Friday.
With our bestie, Anita-ji.
It was a blast!
Even though we couldn't understand any of the Hindi,
we were able to pick out some of the Hinglish...
and the story was very easy to follow!
A simple love story...
in conflict with an arranged marriage.
It was fun to see all of the places we have been in Delhi on the big screen!
India Gate, Chandi Chowk, lots of rickshaws, etc.
We loved it!
Bollywood, I'm a fan.
I loved all of the singing and dancing, and pretty colors!
I'm sure we'll be back :)

We are all secretly in love with the bodyguard! Another bollywood movie. 


Priya in Visant Vihar.

Some adorable little begging children by the theatre. 
Random: Because of the bombings earlier in the week, they had some posters up around the theatre for the suspects involved in the crime (with the hand drawings and everything). And the police were all over the market and had their yellow "Delhi police" gates up at the entrances and closely monitored everyone entering. I think it made me feel more secure? It was crazy! 

Of course we had to get McD's after!

And we always document our crazy rickshaw rides :) 4 people in one rickshaw is pretty intense!

Watch one of our favorite songs from the movie here: 


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