Tuesday, September 6, 2011

{ Empowerment in the Community: Maitrigram }

Last Thursday, we had the opportunity to visit Maitrigram, another project that Maitri runs in a local slum to provide vocational training to women in the slums and a tutorial center to further education for the slum children. It opened my eyes. The building is situated right in one of the slums of RK Puram Sector 7. We spent some time with the women learning how to sew. The teacher, Chander Prabha, is such a sweetheart. She informed us that they are always in need to material and thread. What a great way to empower women - and children! Help educate them and learn to become more self-sufficient. Maitri also provides some scholarship to deserving students to help them further their education. I love the work that Maitri is doing and I support this magnificent organization whole-heartedly! Our visit to Maitrigram was another motivation to me to step up and do my part.

We have been working to do a little more fundraising for the tutorial center in our office and for maitrigram. Any ideas? We have numerous ideas. For example, we want to use etsy and sell some kind of hand-made item from the children with their photos. There are so many options! Let me know if you have any specific ideas. We can never send these beautiful women and children too much love and support.

The Maitrigram project building

The location of the project - in the slums

The classroom

Beautiful Katie with one of the very beautiful and sweet sewing students

My favorite! Our office staff with some of the women.

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