Thursday, September 8, 2011

{ Our "favorite" places! }

Since we've spent the last month in Delhi, here are some of our "favorite" places!
Or rather, a way to get away from the craziness of everyday life in India.
I can't believe I'm actually make this post - we're pagal! 
But hey, you do what you've gotta do, right? :)

#1 The IMPERIAL Hotel
Two words - Breakfast Buffet. 
This place can make any bad day a good one! 

This is the Imperial.

And welcome to of the best breakfast restaurants ever!

This was worth every rupee of my 1,000 rupees spent!

Yummy yummy in my tummy! Cream-filled donut.
My secret - the omelets were even better

An extravagant jungle of sweet air and fresh grass.

#2 McDonald's in India. 
It sounds nasty but it's quite amazing!
And a nice place for some comfort food. 
Veg burger, Chicken Maharaja Mac (oh my goodness!), fresh fries.
But no lamb burgers!

Oh and what we call American "fast food" restaurants, they are really very nice sit down joints with great customer service!

They're everywhere!

My first veg burger - so yummy!

Katie's Chicken Maharaja Mac - delicious!

And this is McDonalds! Nice, right?

Loved their uniforms.
And of course we had to get ice cream!

And even better (or maybe worse?), McD's delivers here!
So of course we had to have them deliver one time..


#3 Bread & More
Yummy...It's based here in India but it's like Western/American food.
And lots of yummy pastries! It's a favorite!

#4 Pizza Hut
Yes, we had pizza delivered to us in India.
And it was yummy.

#5 KFC

Veg burger again (McD's was better!) and that molten chocolate cake was probably the best part!

Those are veg bites!

Well, we've only been here a month and we've already tried all these silly American places Indian-style. I think I'll stick to the Indian khana (food) - they know what they're doing! I love Indian food - especially all the spices and flavor! And I love how everything is veg here - healthy and refreshing - I feel lighter and have more energy! 

Typical sources of protein in India: Paneer (like cottage cheese), soyabean and nutri (types of tofu), dahl (lentils)

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