Wednesday, January 25, 2012

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Sorry for my lack of presence in the blogosphere the last month...I got home from India, and had to run a hundred miles an hour to be ready to leave for Mali, Africa exactly a month later...

I arrived here in Bamako, Mali on January 22.

It's incredible. I'm exhausted - probably from my welcome headache as I continue to speak, think, and breathe French. And, I am picking up some Bambara, aka Bamanankan, the language of the Bambara people. It is the mother tongue for the majority of Malians. I'm just going to say a few things for now. I promise I will write more (with pictures) tomorrow! I have learned so much already!!!

For now, I'll share a little tidbit I shared with my family from my first day here. Tuesday, I took my first very COLD shower - I haven't had one of those for over a month! But, it will get very hot (I'm talking 41 degrees celsius, about 110 degrees Fahrenheit) here in about March and then it won't be so bad. It's kind of a fun morning adventure ;) We then traveled to Yeah's home village of Ouelessebougou, where he is currently the Mayor. That was my first little interaction with some of the more rural, village Malians. They are so kind. And they everything. And you know how laughter really is the best medicine? Well, I think that's how they really get by. They love to laugh and make jokes. If I take anything from Malian culture, I want to laugh more...and not just chuckle. I want a more frequent, hearty, radiating laugh. My favorite jokes are those about their different last names and call them names - like donkey or, my personal favorite, bean-eater. They think bean-eater is funny because they know that beans make you fart...and that makes them laugh. And when I can understand, I laugh along with them (I realize I've only been here two days but we've made quite a few jokes in the office already...haha). I've been here two days and I've never laughed so much in two days time.

My first morning here, I did yoga on the rooftop of our building and watching the sunrise...incroyable!!! Then, I watched all of the school children playing their early morning soccer games. It may not be quite as comfortable as America, but I know that I will love and treasure every second here. Did I mention the people are my favorite? I quickly grow to love each person I meet.

That's it for now. This experience isn't about me. Sure, I have no doubt that it will change my life forever...but this is about the future. The future of Malians. The future of Africa. A future which includes a little less poverty and hunger and a little more education...

Monsieur Le Pr√©sident, YEAH SAMAKE. 
He's the man.

Do me a favor? Visit this blog: This blog is maintained by Yeah's sweet wife, Marissa. You can see Yeah's deep-rooted desire to truly make a difference. He is an incredible person.

And go visit our campaign website at

"Yeah is the answer that many in Mali have dreamed. This year let’s make it our year and may a new day be born in Mali as the elections happen on April 29th 2012. Spread the word if you can. We need all the financial support we can get. This is not a one man journey. You have the opportunity to affect a country’s future. Are you in?"

If you can spare a few dollars, the campaign could use the funding. It will change the future of Mali. 

Je soutien à Yeah Samake!!!

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