Sunday, September 11, 2011

{ Rain dances!!! }

I always have.
And it's monsoon season here in India...
you know what that means?!
Lots of rain! :)
Rain + Anita-ji = FAVORITE.

This morning, we got to the office, sopping wet. 
{after a Rs. 150 economy taxi ride & 3 crazy girls trying to fit under one umbrella}
At the end of the street by the office, I finally just took my flip flops off, and ran through the puddles! 
It was exhilarating.

Walking into work - sopping wet!

Katie said she felt like a drowned rat. 

It's so pretty when it rains! 

Playing all by my lonesome in the rain!
 Sarah and Katie were being bums and wouldn't come play with me because Katie was wearing a would-be-see-through white shirt (can't blame her) and silly Sarah didn't want to ruin her hair ("You guys have straight hair!" haha).

Then, my Anita-ji showed up :)

Tooo much fun!

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