Saturday, September 3, 2011

{ Kurtis, salwars, sarees, kaftans - INDIAN clothes! }

I LOVE the Indian clothing.
I love that it's so pure and simple.
And the best part - IT'S MODEST.
I never have to worry.
I love love love it!
Some of the clothing items include: 

Kurtis: a loose, tunic-like shirt - they come in all lengths! Some shorter that reach the hips, others that go to the mid-thigh or knee - great to wear over leggings.
Salwars: loose-fitting, aladdin-like pants - so comfy!
Shalwar kameez: The Indian suit - matching Kurti with salwars and a dupatta!
Harem Pants: The parachute pants are so popular here for loungewear - love them and so comfortable! 
Dupatta/scarf: a dupatta is a long, loose scarf that the women wear or you can just wear a normal scarf! I love scarves!

My Indian Clothes
Here are a few of my purchases :) 
I have purchased a significant number of kurtas and I love them. I can't wait to wear them at in the States! 

And, I found most of them for like $6 (Rs. 300)! Yeah!

My turquoise kurta with beautiful gold trim.

My simple, thicker red and orange vertically-striped kurta - great to wear over leggings!

These are the salwars - ALADDIN pants. I love love love them.
Pretty awesome, right?

My super awesome salwars :) and bright scarf!
My favorite gold salwars with a beautiful purple kurta and scarf!
One of my Kurtas for church :) With pretty paisley!

My cool harem pants with sanskrit writing!
This is my BEAUTIFUL saree I purchased - beautiful but quite expensive - but still modest!
I am also determined to find myself a beautiful kaftan while I am here. They look like this:

Yay for Indian clothes!!! :) And it helps us to fit in a little better!

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  1. Great collection of NEW ARRIVAL Salwar kameez. i was looking for such a

    collection for a long time. Finally got it.