Tuesday, September 6, 2011

{ GNO with Anita-ji! }

Girl's Night Out. Well, weekend, really.
We love Sarah and all her silly little acronyms :)

On Saturday night, Anita spent the night with Sarah, Katie, and I.
Sarah and Katie were tired so Anita and I left them behind to go find some adventure!
We went to India Gate late at night - it was incredible! I've seen it before but it is an absolutely stunner view every time! 

My cute Anita found a baiyah to give us some devil horns to take a silly picture, we bought some ice cream, and then chilled on the curb and stared at the magnificent arch! Some beautiful, young Indian girls made us some beaded bracelets and gave me henna (all for like $3!). I love my mhendi (henna)! I'll be back to India Gate!

When we got home, Katie and Sarah were a little "j", or jealous! So, Anita and I changed our clothes (haha) and we headed back to the gate! Unfortunately, the lights were out but it was still a magnificent sight and we had fun with the devil horns and ice cream.

After we got home, we chatted the evening away. Anita-ji and I stayed up until 2 or 2:30 chatting. She is the kindest, sweetest person I know.

Sunday, Sarah and I got up early for church - it was incredible, once again! We were able to witness two baptisms. It was also fast Sunday so I was able to bear my own testimony and hear the beautiful testimonies of the saints here in India. We came home to share an amazing Sunday lunch with Anita and Katie - made by our sweet Laxmi-ji :) So yummy kana! That evening, we attended a fireside with the General Sunday School President, Elder Russell T. Osguthorpe and Elder Anthony D. Perkins a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy and the President of the Asia area. What an experience!

What a BLAST! Can't wait for many more girl's nights during our time here in India. 

Enjoy some fun photos from our weekend with Anita!

These beautiful girls were the ones making our beaded bracelets! Unfortunately, a police officer came over and ripped the baskets out of their hands. Another girl informed us that they would get them back later in the evening after the police officer does his "business" with her. It's awful. These girls not only live in poverty, but in slavery as well.

This cute little girl was the daughter of the woman that helped doing the henna on my ankles!

HENNA. Mhendi!

4 people in an auto - Katie, your face makes me laugh SO HARD - favorite!

American-like ice cream!



We woke up Sunday morning to this - Monsoon season in India! 

The baptismal font at the church!

Beautiful Sarah-ji :)

Sunday lunch!

With our favorite Laxmi-ji :) :) Love all these girls!!! My didis :)

Note: In the last few days, we've quickly found out just how stupid some boys/men can be. They sit and gawk, make rude and slightly disturbing comments, etc. Thank goodness for our Anita-ji who encourages us to ignore them and forget about it :) Love you ji!

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  1. Oh this is the best GNO! Sachi
    I think we can make a plan for next GNO soon.Then we will do some for late nite masti/fun.
    I love your all blogs.Its too good. God bless You Bacha.