Thursday, September 8, 2011

{ Laxmi-ji, Geeta, and Himanshu - my fav bacha(s) and ji }

We love Laxmi, our sweet housekeeper.
She keeps us healthy and is the best Indian cook!

For her son's birthday at the end of August, she bought him a cake! 
She told us that was all they would do to celebrate his birthday. 
So we went out and bought him a little gun full of candy :)
And he loved it! 
So simple but I'm sure it made his day by the big grin on his face!

Think of how different our spoiled little American lives would be if all we did to celebrate a birthday, was eat some cake? 
We have to be so extravagant in everything we do. It's humbling to see the gratitude these incredible people have for the smallest things.
I think we need a change - spend more time giving and less time getting.
Next birthday, I'm just going to eat one piece of cake - that's it.
Service is the greatest gift we could receive and give on our birthdays.
And that's just what Himanshu did for us (with Laxmi-ji's help!).
They brought us each a piece of cake.
It was the sweetest thing and we had so much fun singing him an overdramatic American "Happy Birthday!" 

Happy Birthday Himanshu! 
We love you and you're welcome over to our place anytime :)

{keep reading past these pictures...}

Look at that HUGE grin - he's adorable! His 9th birthday!

This is Geeta, Laxmi's beautiful 7 year old daughter. She's adorable, and a total spitfire! haha Laxmi refers to her as ghitdi (demanding)! She wouldn't even let us draw on the paper with her! Oh but she's a cute :) I would keep her! 

I let her take this picture of me! I thought it was funny!


Aloo pokora night. And we made Geeta join us :)

Geeta took this picture - and it makes me laugh so hard!

Cutiepie :)

Sarah's drawing for Geeta!

She's coming back to visit soon! We miss her around here. It gets nice and quiet (and kind of lonely) in the evenings.

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