Wednesday, September 7, 2011

{ I feel the earth moooove under my feet! }

To add to the adventure of it all,
Today was craazzzzy! 
It was strange.
There was a small terrorist bombing at the High Court this morning.
9 killed, with over 50 injured.
Ironically, Winnie Ma'am was supposed to be there this morning for a meeting.
I'm glad she is safe and fine.
We are being careful and avoiding all concentrated areas and touristy destinations.
No worries! I wasn't too unnerved by the event.

Then, at approximately 11:32 pm.
There was an earthquake.
4.2 magnitude.
The epicenter was in Haryana, about 90 km from Delhi.
I sure did feel the earth move!
Nothing toooo intense but it shook Sarah and I up a bit! 
Everyone is safe and sound.

But what a crazy day, right?! 
Only adds to the adventure and craze of being in India :)
I love it!

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