Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{ Meet my roommates! }

Meet my beautiful, sweet, favorite roommates!

I LOVE my roommates. Really, I don't think we could have been better paired. The three of us get along well together and we've easily learned how to live together, work together, travel together, etc. I'm excited to spend the next 4 months with them! We have so much fun together.

Meet Ms. Sarah Patton. She is a beautiful red-haired, pale-skined model. I love her smile. She's witty and has the voice of an angel! Sarah is a pre-nursing major - hoping to get into nursing school in January! She loves life and is very optimistic! She's 21 and full of love for everyone! And the best part, I get to sleep with her. Every night. haha - don't worry about us!

Meet Ms. Katie Harding - absolutely BEAUTIFUL inside and out! Katie has a BIG heart. She is full of energy and always coming up with new ideas! Katie is always complimenting others and has nothing bad to say. She is creative and intelligent. Katie is a beautiful writer. She is a graduate student in Social Work at the U and has already changed the lives of many children.

I love them both! Cheers to a GREAT semester in India! :)

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