Sunday, August 28, 2011

{ Delhi belly: a week to remember! }

Well, it happened.
Sarah got DELHI BELLY.

No kidding, that's what they call it here! 
We ate...chicken (we are now officially vegetarians!) in Chandni Chowk last Saturday.
Bad idea.
And we even knew better! 
It was a pretty sketchy place, and pretty dirty.
But we saw White people there (haha we're all dumb Americans!)'s okay now. 
It created a very "adventurous" week to remember!

Last Saturday evening, Sarah woke up with the chills and couldn't sleep all night.
And some serious loose bowels.

I was feeling a little sick to my stomach - nothing too big - and I had taken an ammonium Saturday evening before bed (bad idea on my part - if you have irritable bowels, just let it let loose! Don't let the bacteria sit in your body for a week!)

Sunday, Sarah was in bed all day, sick as a dog, ate nothing
Monday, it was bad enough that we went to the doctor and he gave her 6 new prescriptions (she had been on meds she brought from home before this).
Upon return home with the new meds, she immediately began to throw up any meds or liquids she took. 
Tuesday, barely able to move, having not eaten for 2.5 days,
Winnie Ma'am and the General rushed us to the hospital! 
Thanks to the connections of the Singhs, our Indian parents, 
she immediately had a bed in the ER.
I'll let the pictures tell you the rest about our week! 
But before you see them, let me say,
India is AMAZING.
There's the good and the bad to everything! 
But their hospital was impeccably clean,
(granted we weren't in a government-run hospital)
the customer service was amazing!
The food was pretty dang good,
and in Sarah's words,
"The hospital was heaven, nurses were angels, and the doctors gods."
Everyone was so pleasant and caring!
Although it all worked out better than originally expected,
thank you Fortis hospital for our one-time stay!
We hope to never be back again :)
My perceptions of India have changed in so many ways. 

So....what do you think? Would YOU eat this? A little oily yes, but we thought it was pretty harmless...NOT.

Welcome to the Fortis hospital! Our first big "Welcome to India!"
The hospital was a pleasant surprise :)

First impression - I almost feel like I'm in America again! This is nice!
Fortis Hospital in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.

Our poor, beautiful Sarah! in the ER.

Elevator - pretty nice, right?

I'll talk more about this later but we came to find out that pre-natal sex determination is illegal in India.
Some will kill the baby girls because they want boys.
Good strike for the Indian government - it should be illegal!

Good call.

Sarah made me blurb out her face (even though she looked gorgeous!) but poor girl was so sick.
haha namaste!

They finally moved us to a nice room. Thanks to Winnie's connections, we were upgraded to a suite because nothing else was available - it was SO NICE! Thank goodness because I stayed there 2 nights with her ;)

Anita-ji came to visit :) Again, pretty Sarah, eh?

FUNNY STORY - Sarah locked herself in the bathroom (hahahaha) and like 6 nurses and security guards and the manager were in the room trying to get the door open with random keys - Sarah finally figured it out. hahahahha. I couldn't stop laughing.

This restaurant became my 2nd home there - so yummy and super safe and veg!
Kwality restaurant, Chopsticks express and Bread & more.

These are the various Indian meals I ate while we were staying at the hospital. 

Needless to say, last week, we were pretty spoiled and well taken care of. A special thanks to the Singh's for all of their hospitality and love as our Indian parents. And to Sonal for her kindness and assistance in the first few days. It will certainly be an experience to remember! Sarah and I are both safe and alive now :)

A few other random "highlights"...

This is a beautiful mirror that was in our room and I was home alone and...BAM! It's down. on the ground. broken. scared me so bad! i thought Spiderman had slammed through my window (I wish!). 
This is a house lizard - we saw it just outside our apartment. They call them chipkalis here.


  1. oh that's crazy! Gotta be careful! And I love the blurred out faces! Hope you are both safe!

  2. oh my gosh!! that's crazy!! I hope you guys are both okay now! and vegetarian might be the way to go... haha

  3. Geeeez Liz!!! Crazy stuff....but that hospital was NICE for a third world country!