Monday, August 15, 2011

{ Indian khana is yummmmmy! }

Khana = Food {in Hindi}

Can I just say that we have the BEST cook in the world? She also helps to keep the apartment clean (it gets dirty so fast because of the humidity and pollution here). She is amazing.


She is a beautiful Indian woman that lives in a slum nearby. She is so sweet and nice and puts up with our crazy Americanness (which can be pretty bad!). 

She makes the BEST food. I'm going to get fat - but it will be worth it! I'm learning to love Indian food - even more! I love love love all the spices! I'm still learning all of the names of our dishes - but they are all so yummy!

Isn't she just adorable? She is so good to us! 
Sundar - beautiful!

FIRST meal in India. We fell in love with the cooked veggies. 


Chapatis (tortillas). with veggies. 

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