Sunday, August 14, 2011

{ Home sweet home }

Well, this is our home :) 
Home sweet home.
We're definitely not in America anymore. 
I'm learning to love it. 
We're so blessed and well taken care of.

View from our apartment.

Drying spices out the window.

Our dining room - pretty nice!

Our kitchen - it's pretty nice. You can see our water filter by the sink. It is kind of dirty but not bad. 
Let's just say, my mother would not cook in here. 


Our crazy door with 4 locks!

Our very nice living room - the interns before have informed us that it is much nicer now and they have brought in a lot of furniture.


Bedroom 1. 

Bathroom 1. Very cramped. Smelly and humid. But it works!

Our shower in Bathroom #2.

Dirty but clean enough :) It works!

Our (Sarah and Liz) bedroom. Already personalized.

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