Wednesday, August 3, 2011

{ Introductions - a flame for good }

I love to travel. I love love love it. However, I'm not very witty or clever. And...I'm still working on my writing skills (so don't judge). People generally don't care to read what I have to say. But...we'll see how this goes.

Hi. My name is Elisabeth Jessop and I am from Salt Lake City, Utah (well, North Ogden but...who knows where that is?). I recently finished a BS in Political Science and a BA in International Studies, with a french minor, at the University of Utah. And I love to learn and I LOVE to travel. I think the best way to learn is through traveling. Everytime I go somewhere else, I find that I come back with a new pair of colored glasses - I see the world a little differently with an altered perspective. And maybe my experiences and the things I have to share will open another's mind as well. I am observant, too. I plan to use this blog as a flame for good. To inspire others to step out into their community (local and international) to make a difference. Serve others. That hasn't always been the reason for my travel but as I've grown older, service is the only source that has made my life fulfilling and has enlightened me to a greater extent.

And...I love to take pictures. I'm not very good but my luck helps me to get a good shot here and there. Either way, I love pictures. So sometimes, that will be the extent of my posts.

Here, we commence my travel blog - ma vie de voyage. My life of travel.

Where is the world is busy lizzie? Everyone calls me Lizzie and...I am always BUSY. I love to be productive. Hence, the nickname I've had since I was just a few months old.

I will document everything from fun little road trips in and around Utah or the West Coast to my travels across the United States to Europe and Asia and Africa and South America and Australia, etc. I will even, at times, document little bits about the culture and diversity right here in Salt Lake City. As of right now, I don't travel quite as much as I would like to but, I will more with time. I'm just getting started!

In these next two weeks or so, I will be updating this blog on past travel experiences on the East Coast, Canada, Costa Rica, France, etc. Mainly just for me but I will try to keep it interesting enough!

And oh yeah, as of next Friday, I will be living in India for 4 months. And you'll get to hear all about it :) Be ready. It will be an adventure! I will be documenting my travels in India on this blog, rather than on Facebook or other social media websites. This way, it will be a more personal experience.

Here we go! Enjoy :)

Feel free to comment!

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  1. Yay Yay Yay Yay i want to hear all about your travels so i can live life through you!