Wednesday, August 17, 2011

{ MAITRI in focus: kind-loving }

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A flame for good.

Mission"Promote primary health, education, and restore human rights to empower India's most vulnerable populations."

This is what I am here for. Maitri is an incredible organization. Their office is located in the Heart of Delhi. The office is small, but quaint and the people are all so sweet and gentle. They all having loving hearts. I am so proud to be a part of something so worthwhile.

On their website, I would particularly encourage everyone to check out their videos on this page. Although we can't read the Hindi script, it helps to highlight their purpose and what they are fighting for. 

Some of Maitri's projects include:

  • Project Samvedana {Compassion} - addresses issues of domestic abuse and sexual violence towards women, particularly in families of military, paramilitary, and police personnel through workshops with self-defense and self-help training, education and financial independence encouragement, and health awareness workshops.
  • Project Jeevan {Life} - restoring respect and dignity to the widows of Vrindivadan through improved nutrition, activities (like mid-day meals), health clinics and health education, legal advocacy, counseling, and skill training workshops. 
  • Project Rakshak {Protector} - provides education of HIV/AID and STIs to the uniformed personnel (and their families, too) through workshops, counseling, etc.
  • Project Sanjeevani {Rebirth} - provides services  among migrant workers (approximately 92% of the Indian workforce!), particularly to create public health awareness, through workshops, media, community meetings, health camps, peer education, etc.
  • Project Awaaz {Voice} - educates rickshaw (bike and auto) workers of infectious diseases and health prevention through street plays, workshops, and seminars. This project has created many health drop-in centers in the area of Punharganj.
  • Project Jagriti {Awakening} - provides education/awareness of adolescent issues, safe sex practices, disesases, etc.  to high school students through seminars.
  • Project Maitrigram - the education and empowerment of people in the slum communities (particularly the women and children). They provide a children's tutorial center and vocational training center. 
There are also other projects like a peer mentoring program, a geriatric/nursing home, and little things they are working to instigate in the community. They are currently working on sharing their services with a larger population, particularly for the senior community here in Delhi by creating more room in their nursing home. They are also working more one-on-one in-depth with the widows in Vrinavadan with Project Samvedana.

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