Friday, December 16, 2011

{ Extra-ordinary day - just what I needed }

I had the most incredible day.
It was just an ordinary day.
But so extraordinary...

I have fallen in love with India.
I leave in 2 days...I'm not ready to go. My adventure has only begun.
I woke up this morning a little distraught...honestly, I was at the point where I just wanted to go home, be home, get out of this place.
But I made myself get out of adorable little flat in Som Vihar to explore more of beautiful Delhi!
I love Delhi!
Yes, for India, some say it's just ordinary, but still so extraordinary. I love it.
Katie, Erica, and I made our way to Northern Old Delhi. This place is incredible! Remember when I visited Chandni Chowk (one of the most emotional days...) and Old Delhi back in August - that was 4 MONTHS ago?!?! Anyway, it was a fun adventure!

In short, my ordinary, extraordinary, incredible day consisted of a stroll around Delhi's Red Fort, Friday prayers at India's largest mosque at Jama Masjid (which actually means friday mosque...); a swarm of Muslim men walking through the streets of Old Delhi - a fantastic sight; a yummy lunch at the very famous Karim's in the back streets of Chandni Chowk with yummy Sikh Kebabs, Mutton Korma (curry), Butter Naan, and Kheer (rice pudding - my fav dessert); a moment of silence (as we warded off dozens of obnoxious school boys who wanted photos) at Rajgat - Gandhi's cremation site; and many other brilliant moments. After Old Delhi, I went to the post office and then I split from Katie and Erica to go to the local Sector 12 market. It was about a 15-20 minute walk and it was a very nice day (unlike Utah it's about 70 degrees here during the day!) so I opted for the walk.

Well, on my way home, a cute guy on a bike pulled over on the side of the road and offered me a could I say no?! Okay...I knew him. It was Mintu-ji from the office! I love that cute guy. He gave me a ride to the was the best bike ride ever. I then made a few purchases and decided to spontaneously call my dear Indian momma, Laxmi-ji, to see if I could stop by to see little baby Ritika (they just named her :)). She says "come! come! come! my house!" I can just hear her voice now. She requested me to bring 15 samosas for her family and we would party and take picture! hehe so I show up and there was a room full of aunties, brothers, sisters, and lots of children! We took pictures, smiled, played, and just had fun. It was the best time!

After I got home, we headed to our LDS Branch Christmas Party! It was the best! We had the YM/YW Christmas Skit of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" which we helped to prepare them for and we sang "Joy to the World" with a couple other families. Then we had the funniest, most random, most perfect 20+ minute missionary skit about a jungle mission with the monkeys (I think that's what they were...) and a visit from Santa. Oh, and you can't forget the Jimmi Hendrix version of The First Noel and Joy to the World with a cute Tibetan guy on the guitar and our cute Indian friend on the piano - toooooo cool! Only in India :) We have the best little Branch here. I just love them all! They are my family. We ate the best dinner and visited with friends for hours....I also chatted away withElder Travis Randall, a friend that I graduated high school with (yeah, we met up again here in India a couple years later...who would have guessed?). I love chatting with missionaries and good was the best night.

Tonight, my heart is full of gratitude. I am overwhelmed with excruciating joy and's so bittersweet. Do I really leave in just 2 days? I'm just getting started...Today, I remembered the million and one reasons that I just love India. And today, I left my heart in the hands of those that have become my other family...

To all of my "family" that I have met here in India, I love you. You have changed my life.

Here are just a few of the people that I have come to so freely love and appreciate in my time here: My momma Laxmi-ji, Anita-ji, Himanchu, Geeta, Ravi & Rajni Gupta, Shyam and his adorable family, Margaret George, The Cleggs and their beautiful family, Elder Dev (even though he's been home a couple months, I still think of him as Elder), Sister Asha and all the other young women, the Masseys, Riya, Vic Shaw, the Singhs,

I could never list everyone.
I love you all.
Because of you, India has stolen my heart.

I'll post some more pictures later! My computer is going crazy...running out of memory. I have a bunch of blog updates coming sooooooon (they're almost ready :)). Love you all! Thank you for all of your support and love over the years...I wouldn't be here in India without you.

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