Saturday, December 17, 2011

{ Corbett Tigers & the Jungle Mountains of Nainital }

I love Corbett Tiger Reserve!

Once upon a time, we took a trip to a beautiful little hill station village called Nainital. This is where Jim Corbett, hunter of man-eating tigers, lived and grew up...he later established the Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve just an hour's drive from Nainital. He's an incredible man and his books are absolutely amazing. He is quite the storyteller.

This beautiful little town is situated around Nainital Lake in the's absolutely breathtaking. And surround by the mountains, it felt a little like home :) It was even, home! But we weren't prepared. No bueno. It was worth the aching cold though! So worth it.

A woman doing laundry on the roof, taking a short nap after a long morning of work.
We loved to see the fall leaves!
You can kind of see how there are two roads side-by-side. The lower road was used for the Indians when the British ruled and the upper, nicer road was for the British.
Beautiful Nainital.
We came across this goat in a sweater...Sarah gave it a little photoshoot. But it is pretty cute, right? 
The lake.
Indian grains.
View from the top of the mountain.

Isn't she beautiful?!
This mountain straight ahead felt just like HOME :)
Love India - you can find anything there!

Monkeys in the mountains...they looked vicious. They wandered around the park doing as they was pretty funny! 
A broken down bus off the side of the road...typical India. But I'm glad that wasn't my bus!
Climbing through the caves!

Most incredible sunset from the top of the Himalayas.

Love my bf, Sarah-ji :)

Nainital sunset - INCREDIBLE.
View from our hotel.

Our second day we took a little trip to the Tiger was beautiful jungle and we were surrounded in trees! I loved it! And for the record, we did see quite a few tigers and even elephants ;)

Morning sunrise in the reserve. 
Jeeping at the reserve! It was much colder than it looks!
Love Indian sunrises...
Jeeping in the park :) :) So much fun! Liz, Erica, Sarah-ji, and Katie-hai - love all these girls!
We had to get our binoculars.
Spotted deer :) Right by our jeep.

My hand in comparison to an Elephant's foot...they were HUGE.
Lots of tiger paw prints :)
Searching the park from the tower (the deathly tower, according to Erica).
Do I look like a tiger? Inside joke.
Chillin' in the jeep, in the cold, wet rain :)

Beautiful bird!
Love this photo.

JEEPIN wit ma girls!
Then we went to Corbett's homestead. This is Jim Corbett...well, his bust. He's a cool guy!
The Lake at night. Kind of sad to leave bitter cold Nainital!


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