Friday, December 16, 2011

{ The end of une époque }

The end of une époque...the end of my time with Maitri.
On December 2, we finished our internship with Maitri. It was bittersweet...getting ready to go home, but sad to leave our sweet Maitri family and all of the incredible experiences we have had there.
In our time at Maitri, we were involved in High School presentations on adolescent issues, health camps in the rickshaw slums, vocational training in Ekta Vihar (Sector 7 slum), tutorial centre for local children, etc. It was such an incredible, memorable experience. Thank you, Maitri, for this opportunity. 

My MAITRI family :) Katie-hai, Liz-ji, Piyali, Shika, Anita, and Sarah-ji!!! Love them all :) 
Here are a few photos from my last few weeks at Maitri...

We had our annual golf tournament on Saturday, November 26...over 100 men played golf to raise money for Maitri! Fun, fun!

We made these posters to highlight Maitri's projects at the event!
The Qatab golf course was beautiful!
Forever friends :) Favorite photo.
At our hole, it was a mulligan shot...people could pay Rs. 500 to get an extra shot to try to get closer to the hole! It was also a hole for "closest to the pin"....the winner got a beautiful Kashmiri silk carpet (worth $1,000). 

This cute, old guy donated Rs. 500 and didn't even play an 
This guy in the red, in the middle, Vicky Shaw, got a HOLE IN ONE on our pin - amazing! He is an incredible golfer...he won pretty much all the prizes at the tournament that day...funny thing, he owns the shop and donated the Kashmiri silk carpet (haha)

The Maitri lunch banquet area.

Forever friends :) love this!

Loved watching them make roti...
We had our final farewell dinner at the Singh's apartment - they have a very nice home!

Winnie with Sonal's son, Vivan - adorable!

General, Winnie, Sarah, Mr. Jolly, me, and Katie - interns with the Maitri bosses.
Then comes our last day at the office...
we, the interns, wore our sarees that the Singhs gave us for our Diwali presents.
We said goodbye to our kids and had a goodbye lecture/celebration.
It was a bittersweet day!
Our sweet, Anita-ji, always hard at work!

Mr. Mathur - he is the coolest guy ever! He's the accountant and he always works so hard!

Shika gave us each cups with her picture and our picture on it to remember her - how sweet!

Saying goodbye to our kids downstairs at the school was so hard! The hardest part was knowing that we will probably never see them again...I wanted to cry. My heart was full of joy and sorrow. 

We got lots of fun photos though. 

That is Anu :) My favorite little girl! Look how cute she is!

The cute!

Me and Anu :)

Love these girls - so cute!

Oh Shika, Shika...haha

Best, sweetest kids you'll ever meet :)

Shilo and Anu :) Love them!!!

Never wanted to let go...
Our goodbye party...

Lots of food...always! Coke, Gulab Jamun, Samosa, etc. 
Our Maitri family!
Shika, Winnie, me, General, Sarah, Mr. Mathur, Katie, Jolly Sir, Hammad, and Rajni :)
My Indian Parents - Winnie and the General!
The Interns with the "new guy", Hammad - he's cool!
Thank you Maitri!

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