Friday, December 16, 2011

{ Baby Bonanza! }

This post is going to be just a lot of pictures...a lot. 
Because I love babies.
And I really love Indian babies :)
And the last month has been Baby Bonanza! 
Okay, not realllly. 
Only 2 babies in Laxmi-ji's family were born but it was crazy around our house without her and her family was going crazy with two new babies! 
So, it was crazy :) 
Laxmi-ji's little girl was born on November 23 in the wee morning hours...
we got to see her about a week later.
And, she got her name about a week ago...


She's beautiful and I'm determined to be her favorite Auntie :) I just LOVE this little girl! The moment I first held her, I felt connected to her. She has a sweet, gentle little spirit. She hardly cries. She's perfect.

Pictures say it all...

Look at her little tikka/bindi on her forehead - so adorable! I love Indian babies :)
Favorite girls :)


And of course we had a little party...because Laxmi-ji knows how much we love to party! Rasgulla, samosa with chutney, and orange fanta :)

And we brought a cake! Before the little girl was named and before she was born, the running joke was her name is "Katie-Liz-Sarah," after the 3 interns and her favorite "aunties." Well, we got a "Happy Katie-Liz-Sarah!" cake for the party to celebrate our new little girl :)

Geeta is our favorite little girl! She taught Sarah how to play a little game!

And Laxmi fed us our she usually does :)
Momma and little baby girl
Laxmi's wedding photo!
Geeta is the cutest big sister!
Instantly in love!

My FAVORITE family :) Laxmi and her husband are so cute...they have a love marriage. hehe

Laxmi's beautiful little home!
Another night, after desperately missing baby girl, I went to visit her with Anita-ji and we stopped by Laxmi's brother's home to see their new little baby boy!
He was born the same day - he's adorable. His name is Nikel :)

Laxmi's brother and sister-in-law! Their cute little family - so young!

He's adorable! He's getting so big!

Baby girl :)
We bought her this little bed...Laxmi asked me to but I gave it as a gift from her favorite Auntie. It was adorable! 
Favorite kidlets!
Anita-ji and baby girl! 
We always have fun at Laxmi-ji's!

Like mother, like daughter - oh Geeta! She's such a little twerp! Look how ADORABLE she is in that Kurta and salwars :) Traditional Indian outfit!

And Laxmi always has to get us some food...even after begging her not to. Bread Pokora - yum!

I LOVE Laxmi's smile!
Blowing kisses goodbye :)
Laxmi, Geeta, Himanshu, and little Ritika are my favorite...they're like my own family. I love them love them love them. I'm going to miss them like crazy!!!

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