Sunday, February 5, 2012

{ running in Africa...feels good! }

One of my most favorite experiences in Mali yet...
around the soccer field.
with the most adorable little boys.

So, I went out to the soccer field Saturday evening for a little run. As usual, lots of little boys were playing soccer out on the field during the cooler evening hours, and some girls and guys were playing basketball. I start running and not even a minute later, 3 little African boys ran up beside me. They all matched my pace perfectly and even slowed when I did, etc. They were adorable. After about a lap, I started talking to the oldest boy in French. I asked him if he liked soccer and if I could come play with him sometime and he said "girls don't play soccer. they play basketball." I tried to convince him that I can play soccer too and I'll be out on the field with them one of these nights! :) 

We chatted about where we lived (no exacts) and determined to meet up agani on the field. He was only 11 and the other boys 7 and 8. 

It was magical. 
They left my heart full of joy and gratitude. 
Children are so perfect, innocent, and loving.

What a great way to end my Saturday! 

The soccer field by our home.
I watched this magnificent sunset prior to my run :)
I loved the shimmering moon in the brilliant blue sky!
My bad attempt to take a photo of the boys on my iPod...they were cute! I was running with the 3 on the left - the other two just joined in.


  1. dont call me angel in the morning! just say my name before you leave!!! <3 // MOMMMY!!!!