Monday, February 6, 2012

{ 1er Leadership Conference - SUCCESS! }

As Yeah and his family walked into the auditorium on Saturday, they were greeted by 200+ skeptical supporters and a burst of applause. As the minutes turned to hours, we all sat in a trance as we listened (as best as I could in French :)) to Yeah eloquently speak about his father's vision for each of his children to gain an education, his background, his education in the United States, and his desire to change the lives of his people. He is so passionate. 

Each person, even the biggest skeptics, left the event that day as supporters.

To read more about this incredible event, go to Marissa Samake's blog post: PACP Leadership Conference - une rĂ©ussite totale (a total success!)

I had to steal this next part from her blog though. She is an incredible writer.

"Yeah Samake is the candidate if Mali wants change. He is the candidate if Mali desires to get out of the hole 52 years of corrupt, bad leadership has thrown it into. He is the candidate of hope for a better education system that ensures Malian graduates can compete against foreign graduates. He is the candidate if Malians want a role model that can show what honest, open leadership is. He is the candidate who can bring Mali as an equal to discussions at the UN and African summits instead of the country asking for handouts. Mali is not a poor country. The actions of its leaders have made it poor. The time has come for Mali to raise itself out of the misery its former leaders have condemned it to. Yeah is the candidate that can reform Mali and make it a symbol of opportunity and change. The time is now. If you can help, the time has come to help. The elections are 3 months away. Support us at We need all the help we can to help Mali become the country where opportunities are in abundance and dreams become a reality. Vive PACP! Vive Yeah Samake! But most of all Vive Mali! May the hopes and dreams of all Malians be answered with Yeah Samake as President."

Yeah is the answer. He is hope. He is change.
He is one of the most incredible men I have ever known and I feel privileged to know and work with him. He motivates and inspires me.

{top two photos courtesy of Cole Nielsen}

The people immediately surrounded Yeah following the event - you can see the joy just bursting from their faces! They feel HOPE.
This is Yeah with leader of the Handicapped Organization. This picture brings tears to my eyes. Yeah will make the difference for these people. Can you see the passion in his face?
Yeah with all of the Team Samake Volunteers - GO TEAM SAMAKE!!!!

Yeah and Marissa Samake surrounded by Campaign members
I love that little Carmen is sitting up front on her mom's lap :) 
Me with members of Team Samake!!!
This perfectly describes the relationship between Kyle, Marissa, and I. Kyle is trying to make up for his bad jokes and Marissa teases him endlessly. And I just sit and smile. haha.
Me with one of the good campaign supporters. 
Nana is one of the strong Samake supporters!
My good friend, Dra, and I :)

The event was held at the University of Bamako - I love Mali!
It was a successful event and everyone left satisfied and in support of Yeah. Once the people meet Yeah, they are convinced that he needs to be the next president. He is unique. His story is unique - the people trust him. He is amazing. Vive Mali and Yeah Samake!!!

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