Monday, February 6, 2012

{ First visit to the village }

I've been so busy, I hardly have time to blog. 
But, if you will, take it for what it is and enjoy some pictures :)

This day, we traveled about an hour to a village called Dialakoroba. We were welcomed into the village with song and dance. I even joined in :) It was so fun and everyone was so excited! At the event, we established a committee for our party (PACP - Parti pour l'Action Civique et Patriotique) and spoke to our new supporters about the meaning of the logo and strategies to gain momentum for the campaign. The meeting was mostly in Bambara, the most spoken, more native language of Mali and part of it was in French. Regardless, I could feel the excitement beaming from these community leaders. They are anxious for change...they are anxious to improve the lives of their people. Yeah Samaké is the change they need! I am so proud to be a part of this campaign!!!

It was an INCREDIBLE event. 

Singing and dancing with the women.
Watch the following video of Kyle and I dancig with the women in the video :) It's my favorite thing ever. You just can't help but be happy around these people!

I loved being in the village with these humble, sweet people. 

We also attended another event in midtown Bamako in Badalabougou. Here we gathered with about 60 community leaders from the handicapped society to address their needs and concerns and take them back to "Monsieur Le Président!"  The people loved the message of PACP and was ready to join in support of Yeah! 
A successful Saturday!

Please, I hate asking for help and I hate asking for money but if you can, support our campaign!!! This is a small thing you can do to help change the world. Yeah will change the future of development for Mali and set a leadership precedent for many other African nations. Our world needs more men like him. 

To DONATE - simply go to The smallest amount makes all the difference as we go into the last 3 months of this big campaign! Help us make a change!!!

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