Tuesday, November 15, 2011

{ Sector 9 Market - hidden treasure }

I die laughing looking at this photo. Indian children are the cutest - this little girl is no exception! Another motivation to go to the markets - the local children swarm you! :)

I know I spend way too much time on my blog merely posting photos and stories of my adventures. But it's so difficult to share the more personal, intimate experiences. And when I come to the blog to write...my mind becomes a shattered mess. I have seen and experienced so many things here in India - some so beautiful, others so miserable or disheartening - that words cannot begin to describe...

So, here I am. Once again, with photos and a simple story. And I would like to ask my readers...what do you want to hear about? Do you like just hearing about the day-to-day experiences that I have while traveling? The things that I learn and the people I interact with? What makes a good travel blog?

Give me some suggestions! I am ALWAYS open to feedback! 

Well, it was a typical Monday night, Katie-hai (pronounced hey) and I decided to head out to the local markets for some shopping and adventure! It was the perfect way to help diminish the homesickness and experience more of this beautiful home we call India. This is exactly what we needed. 

We went to the Sector-9 market...literally a 5 minute (if that) walk from our apartment. 

First stop: Eyebrow threading...

I was nervous! Some would be extra anxious doing something like this in a foreign country...but I say, "When in Rome!"
This woman knew what she was doing...and it only cost me 25 rupees - or 50 cents!

This is my creepy post eyebrow threading photo...they look so good though! I wish it was this cheap at home...I must go back a few times before I go!
I don't know how many of you know but eyebrow threading is expensive in the states! Our sweet housekeeper, Laxmi, had her eyebrows done the week previously and they look gorgeous so we thought we would give it a try. SO amazing and so worth it! They look good! 

And of course we had to stop and get some momos for dinner! 
(only 40 cents for 12 of them!!!)
Katie and I met this sweet lady in the eyebrow threading shop and she invited us over to her home to meet her husband, who also works for an NGO. We felt good about it, so we went... 
(don't worry, Mom, I've got good instincts, thanks to you :)) 
They lived just down from the market, to the left, then to the left again, then to the right, down a dark road...in a humble little home that had been recently remodeled. It was actually quite nice, especially by Indian standards with freshly painted walls and tiled floors. They had lawn chairs in their front room with a simple table and tv. It was all just so...simple. I loved it!

This is Manchu and her husband! They fed us biscuits, this yummy chex mix-like snack (we're now addicted! I'm bringing some home!), and glasses of a lime drink. Lucky us!
Sector-9 has the best fruits and veggies! Look at this! TREASURE CHEST.
Feels like home...okay, not really.
This sweet women stopped us and her and her older mother tried to speak to us in their broken english. I just held her hand and nodded my head. 
I love the children that hang around the back streets of the markets...they are all so sweet! Look how beautiful these young girls are. And that little boy...his eyes melt my heart. 
And of course they all want photos :) 
And guess who we found at the market, buying more vegetables for us. LAXMI-JI. Oh my. Words cannot describe how much I love this woman and her sweet mother (we call her Auntie). Can I take them home with me? Hugs all around! 

Laxmi and her momma, Auntie. So fun to see them and walk home with them!
Feels like home. Look at those yummy veggies. Ahhhhhhh...
Auntie held Katie's hand all the way home. I love how affectionate the Indian women are. 

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  1. Good gravy! I'm like a GIANT next to Auntie!!!!!!!!