Wednesday, November 16, 2011

{ Our dear little mouse, Anita-ji - second family! }

We LOVE our Anita-ji. She was our very first friend in India. She was so sweet to come over and introduce herself the very first night that Sarah and I arrived in India. The other night, we finally, after many many months of planning and talking about it, had the opportunity to go over to 'nita-ji's house, spend time with her family, play some UNO (yeah - fav game, right ji? :)), and eat some delicious delicious oh-so-yummy food from her sweet mother. We left right after work to take the long half hour auto ride out to the Delhi Cantonment (army area)...thank goodness it was worth the ride ;) Anita lives in a humble, beautiful home with her momma, two sweet older brothers (they are seriously so sweet!), and her sweet lab, Katie. We've met her family before but it was so fun to spend time with them in her home. Even better, they are ALL so intelligent! We had the best discussions with Anita and her brothers. What a great night!

Loved the army bike - you should have seen the guy that got off of this baby!
Now, I'm not just being nice or trying to fudge anything, Anita is THE sweetest, most kind, genuine person I have ever met. And she is always so optimistic! She's just amazing. We love her to pieces. Anita teaches "tuition" every night and all weekend to a group of about 10 kids - the most adorable Indian kids you will ever meet!!! And we got the privilege of meeting them :) 

They sang and danced for was adorable! 

I love that adorable little girl's smile!

And they even made us a card: "Please visit again to India." Oh sweetie, you better believe this is not my last time in India! I love it here! And it's the cutest card ever :)

And then, the feast began! And boy, did we feast! Indians usually eat dinner at 9:30 or 10:00 but thank goodness we ate a little earlier for us "starving" Americans...I could never survive until such a late dinner! haha

Lots of pokora (the fried slices), biscuits, and fry-like chips! (Anita, what are those things called??) 
Katie and Katie - and even wearing the same color! :)
This is Anita's front room/walking area. The cutest home everrrr!!!
This is 'nita's home :) In the dark...okay, I know this gives you no idea of what it looks like. Picture a tall apartment building in the middle of a field - that's what it looks like.
I can't wait for our next big adventure with this sweet family! Love them all. Picnic and games at Delhi gate next weekend - can't wait! :) 

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