Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{ Maitri Health Camp - serving the needy! }

On Friday, October 14, Maitri facilitated a health camp, in collaboration with Max India. It was a stellar event! We provided health services for hundreds of individuals. 

Left to right - Hospital CEO and his wife, Sarah, Liz, and Maitri Employees
The Interns with Winnie Ma'am

Ankur (middle) is another volunteer at Maitri - the picture says it all. 

My "chocolate bar" I met at the Gala...he followed me around everywhere. He's from Milan, Italy - he's Romanian :) Yeah, he's pretty cute!!
Prior to the day of, we visited the local government hospital in Delhi Cantt to see how Maitri administers the HIV tests and to meet the doctor that performs the tests.

Sarah gave me an HIV test....don't worry, I was HIV Negative!

This is Sarah's "CNA" face - showing us who is boss!
The morning of the Health camp, about an hour before it was even to begin, there were dozens and dozens of people showing up to begin registration. The process: registration, wait to be escorted to the specific specialist doctor, wait for your turn, etc. It worked out well. 

Registration was hectic but you could feel the anticipation!

Katie and Liz, interns. I love this girl!

The rooms marked to address the specific needs of the patients.
This is the specific Maitri patient room for HIV testing.

After the Health Camp, lunch was catered from a local Indian restaurant. It was so yummy!!! 

We tried some yummy Indian ice cream - it tasted kind of like fruit cake :)

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